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Areas adapted to the public

Individual race, January the 26th, Arcalís:

With the change in the course of the individual race, access to the exit and arrival will be located in the Planells, at the height of the ECOA chalet, where you can reach the car.

In this area, the new stadium will be enabled, which will replace the last nerve center located in Coma de Arcalís, from where you can see more than 50% of the race. This space is enabled to enjoy live and live the outcome of the World Cup test with the best specialists.

Another point that is recommended to see the individual race is the bar shelter of Les Portelles, in the upper area. By parking the car in the lower area of L'Hortell, you have to take the Basera chairlift, which leads directly to the point where you can see how the corridors crown the three ascents that contemplate the route.

Vertical Race, January the 27th, Arinsal:

Access to the start is in the village of Arinsal, near the chairlift Josep Serra, at the 1,600 m level.

From there you can take the chairlift at a special price with lunch included. It reaches the 1,900 m level, where there is the start area of ​​Les Marrades. For those who do not have the ski pass, they can travel with their car to Comallemple and watch the race from the terrace of the bar.

The arrival area, at 2,200 meters, is a superbe viewpoint of the race for the public. There is the Igloo chalet and a giant screen to follow the progress of the races.