Font Blanca 2019 is involved in a children’s project with Fundació Muntanyencs per l’Himàlaia

Font Blanca is expressing respect for ethical values ​​that characterize it: sustainability and solidarity. Wherever possible, the organization is involved with some help project for needy population.

This year we have created a relatioship with Fundació Muntanyencs per l'Himàlaia to fund the cost of displacement of the children who live and study in Catmandú. Giving Children the opportunity that once a year they can return home to visit their family. Most of them, live far away in remote villages that are even on the other side of the border with Tibet.

Do you want to be solidary and help us? During the race we will sell some solidarity bracelets at 5 euros and all the income we collect, will be destined to the solidarity cause.

You will be able to buy them to some volunteers during the races, but you can also find them in the stores of Viladomat, Altitude, the Mountaineering Foundation for the Himalayas or the Federació Andorrana de Muntanyisme.

Ester Segura, director of projects and cooperation of this Foundation, explains the reality that children living in the Asian mountain range have: "They are living in Catmandú, far from their parents, to be able to go to school and study. That is very costly in terms of time and especially financial, that these children can go to visit their family in their village at least once a year. In many cases it is on the border with Tibet, they have to walk 5 days to get home. Therefore, they need an infrastructure and someone to accompany them as well.

This project needs constant financing and Font Blanca 2019 has decided to collaborate by providing a donation. Do you want to know more about them? Find Fundació Muntanyencs per l'Himàlaia here:

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