Jornet and Roux repeat podium at the vertical race

Individual Race / Font Blanca 2015 / Martin Imatge

Kilian Jornet and  Laëtitia Roux have won again at  Font Blanca in the vertical race.
With a time of 27min 27s and 33min 20s, Jornet and Roux have climbed the 730m of gradient of the track from the Marrades until the Bar Igloo, at elevation 2.320m. He has been followed by german Anton Palzer and swiss Marti Werner; And, in the women category, swiss Victoria Kreuzer and spaniard Clàudia Galícia, have followed the french woman on the podium.

In the Espoir category, Axelle Mollaret, Marta Garcia and Jennifer Fiechter have climbed on the podium, meanwhile for men, those have been Anton Palzer, Oriol Cardona and Federico Nicolini.

The Junior podium has been for Rémi Bonnet, Davide Magnini and Arnaud Gasser, for men , and for the women, Giulia Compagnioni, Alba de Silvestro and Verena Streitberger.

The meteorological conditions were very adverse for the runners, that suffered wind gusts close to 80km/h. Nevertheless, the race track was not changed.


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