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La Font Blanca, a ski race committed to the fight against climate change

Font Blanca 2018 reaffirms its commitment to the fight against climate change and will be carbon neutral for the third consecutive year. As a novelty, this year the event incorporates the possibility for all racers and visitors to offset their journey’s travel footprint.

The organization, with the support of Lavola and Clean CO2, has signed a collaboration agreement with the Barbosa project - a sustainable forest management initiative in Colombia – to offset the energy consumption and necessary materials needed for the organization and celebration of the race. This initiative is certified by Gold Standard and reduces CO2 emissions, improves air quality, boosts the local economy and cares for the environment.

Everyone visiting the 2018 Font Blanca Race will have the option to collaborate in the fight against climate change by calculating and compensating their travel footprint. To do this, we have developed a carbon footprint calculator that calculates emissions in an easy and intuitive way. The online tool allows users to offset their emissions with renewable energy and sustainable forest management projects around the world.

We would like our ski racers and visitors to be part of our environmental commitment. That’s why we offer the possibility to offset your travel footprint through the Clean CO2 Webshop.



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