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Ranking General WC

After the vertical race of Font Blanca 2018 in Andorra, the leaders keeps their position at World Cup's ranking.

Palzer (GER) is on the senior men's top with 200 points, Boscacci (ITA) is the second one with 110 and Magnini (ITA) is the third one with 106.

In reference to senior women's ranking, Mollaret (FRA) is in the first position with 200 points; Clàudia Galícia (ESP) reaches the second place 116; and Tomatis (ITA) the third.


After the first race of the ISMF World Cup 2018 in Wanlong (China), Nicolo Ernesto Canclini (ITA) and Laetitia Roux (FRA).


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senior men and senior women



Anton Palzer (GER) and Axelle Mollaret are in the top in vertical ranking

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                                         senior men and senior women



Latetitia Roux (FRA) and Matteo Eydallin (ITA) were the champions of the individual ISMF World Cup 2017, with Axelle Mollaret (FRA) as the second one senior woman and Clàudia Galícia (ESP) as the third one.Michelle Boscacci (ITA) and William Bon Mardion (FRA) got the second and the third place, respectively.


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Axelle Mollaret (FRA) and Damiano Lenzi (ITA) were the champions of the vertical ISMF World Cup 2017. The women podium was completed by Emelie Forsberg (SWE) ini the second place and Katia Tomatis (ITA) in the third one. Werner Marti (SUI) got the second place in senior men ranking and Kilian Jornet (ESP) got the third.


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