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Volunteers meeting and Lecture “La neu i les allaus”

This past Saturday Jan. 14th, a volunteer's meeting was held at the Ordino Congress Center where each volunteer received his assignment and could pick up the Font Blanca 2017's oficial gear.
fontblanca_dsc08658_webTo be able to pick it up, they had to bring in an used warm clothing in exchange. It could be an anorak, an overcoat or a polar jacket. The collected clothing will be donated to Himalayan children and teens. The andorran foundation located at Sant Julià de Lòria "Muntanyecs per l'Himàlaya" will take care of the transportation and distribution to kids (aged 6 to 18) that need it so much. The fundation's goal is to give a basic education to kids at Himalaya's most remote regions. We want to help them with this solidary act. For more information on the foundation, please check its website

fontblanca_dsc08699_webJust after that, Gerard Olm, EFPEM professor, gave a lecture tittled "Snow and Avalanches"

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