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The Font Blanca is a leader in high-level sports competition and for lovers of nature and adventure. This year it is going to be also be a leader in sustainability, as it will incorporate measures to reduce its impact on the environment. We will calculate CO2 emissions emitted during the course of the race and we will compensate them through the purchase of high quality credits in a project that reduces emissions. Thereby, the race will get the CO2 Clean Certified Seal that certifies the race as a neutral emissions event. This action, which will contribute to the fight against climate change, is going to be possible thanks to the collaboration of the company Lavola, which is who will perform the calculation and the compensation for the carbon footprint, and the Sustainable Andorra Center.

To obtain CO2 Clean certification, we will collect data from energy and materials needed for the organization and holding of the 2016 Font Blanca. With the data collected, Lavola will calculate the CO2 emissions generated by travel by van, private vehicles, helicopter and motorcycle, for the production of shirts, shirt numbers and communication materials, the catering offered during the three days of the race and the lighting of the spaces used for the pressroom, the presentation of the race, etc.

After calculating the tons of CO2 emitted in the organization and holding of the race, we will proceed to compensate them. That is, carbon credits, coming from a project that reduces emissions through energy production from renewable sources instead of non-renewable sources, will be purchased. Specifically, Lavola, as collaborating company, will acquire carbon credits from the renewable energy project Teobaldo, developed in Brazil and featuring a strong social commitment.

With this action, the 2016 Font Blanca has established itself as the first race of the International Mountain Ski Federation with neutral emissions and has obtained the Certificate and Seal Clean CO2 Certified. With the aim of spreading and providing information on this initiative, the seal is accompanied by a QR code that leads to an informative APP containing images and information of the environmental and social benefits of Teobaldo project as well as a video illustrating the meaning and relevance of carbon offsetting.

For the 2016 Font Blanca to be more sustainable, we have commissioned the preparation of anenvironmental report which includes an environmental impact matrix divided into 5 categories: circuit, catering, mobility, spaces logistics and communication materials. For each category we have identified a set of preventive and corrective measures aimed at reducing the environmental impact of the race, such as proper waste management, reducing paper consumption, use of private vehicles, reducing noise to avoid disturbing wildlife, etc. With the implementation of these measures will ensure that the 2016 Font Blanca is organized and takes place in the most sustainable and respectful way with our environment.

More information about the project that compensates the emissions from the race:
The project is promoted by the Teobaldo ceramics factory, located in Paudalho, a town in northeastern Brazil. Before the existence of the project, ceramic furnaces were fed with native wood from the forest, which did not come from areas with reforestation or sustainable forest management. With the commissioning of the project, the company uses waste and renewable biomass instead of native wood for baking pottery, so reducing emissions and contributing to the maintenance of local mountains. The project also has a number of social benefits, offering basic food and training to their employees, promoting employment of women and making donations to various foundations in the region.


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