The FONT BLANCA 2016 to be held under the best possible conditions.


The Font Blanca 2016 (FB’16), which will take place on the 16th and17th January and which will be part of the ISMF World Cup as well as the XIV Andorran Ski Mountaineering Cup, was presented at the Sports Centre of Ordino. The event was presided by Mr Jordi Serracanta (Councillor of Tourism and Sports of the Local Council of Ordino), Mr Sergi Balielles (Councillor of Sports of the Local Council of La Massana), Mr Betim Budzaku (Andorra Tourism), Jaume Esteve (President of the Andorran Mountaineering Federation) and Mr Carlo Ferrari (Director of the Event).

The President of the FAM started the informative event screening four promotional videos of the Andorran Ski Mountaineering World Cup.

Afterwards the representatives of the local councils that will host the trophy, made a point in wishing the sporting event to be a success, as far as the organization and the attendance goes, both on the slopes and at the presentation events which will take place in Ordino during the week.

Mr Budzaku, who was the next to talk, was confident that the international media coverage for the event is going to be very significative and was positive that Andorra Tourism would always support these kind of events.

xxFBPres5317It was then Jaume Esteve’s turn to talk again and he had grateful words for the work of the Organizational Committee, the volunteers, the sponsors, the partners and basically for all the entities and persons devoted to the FB’16. He also made a point in mentioning that: The FB’16 is a screen everybody is going to be looking at. It is a key moment for our sport after the agreement signed by INFRONT TV. Without a doubt, it is a huge organizational challenge and we want to overcome it with flying colours.
He also stated that: The mountains are part of this sport, which is why the Organizational Committee wanted to make sure the event was sustainable. We want the FB’16 to be environmentally sustainable and CO2 neutral.

The Director of the FB’16 (Carlo Ferrari) was very clear in saying that: Three days ago the itineraries were in perfect conditions. With the snowfalls from this week (between 50 and 60 cm) and with what may come next week, we might be able to describe the itinerary as exceptional.
He went over the weekend’s programme and explained that the first competitors (5 men and 5 women) will attend the opening ceremony next Friday, from 6.30 pm, on the Main Square in Ordino.
He also went over all the itineraries, for each category, both for the Individual and the Vertical events. At the end he said: The itineraries are very varied and competitors really like them. Furthermore he added: Being the first event of the international calendar has its good and bad aspects. I can’t wait to see what will be the competitive level of the participants who will take part in the world cup this year.

This is how the FONT BLANCA 2016 starts its decisive week. In Andorra, the best world specialists of ski mountaineering will meet to start the championship which will surely be very exciting.


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